Accentuous Electrolysis Maine permanent hair removal Barbara Berube

accentuous electrolysis maine permanent hair removal Barbara Berube

Accentuous Electrolysis permanent hair removal in Waterville, Maine electrolysis since 1993

Accentuous Electrolysis in Waterville, Maine, offers safe, quick, and affordable permanent hair removal with electrolysis.  Call 207-877-2218 for a free consultation.

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method the FDA recommends. It requires a series of treatments to achieve lasting results.

Permanent hair removal is accomplished by directing a small amount of electrical current into the natural opening of the hair follicle with a fine probe until it reaches the base of the hair root. This procedure causes gradual cellular destruction, making the follicle unable to grow a hair. The number of treatments required for permanent results vary. Many factors are involved, such as one’s medical history, hormonal imbalances, ethnic background, age, previous methods of temporary hair removal, hair texture (fine vs. coarse), and a commitment to treatments. Electrolysis is safe, effective and affordable — it’s a commitment you make to yourself for yourself.

In Maine, licensed electrologist Barbara Berube uses electrolysis to remove hair quickly while making her clients feel comfortable, for a reasonable price. She gets to know you and what you need to expertly remove your unwanted hair. She will choose a schedule for you to achieve the permanent, reliable results you want for less!

Call 207-877-2218 for your free consultation today to experience the results yourself!

  • private and professional
  • disposable probes
  • uninterrupted treatments
  • transgendered friendly

Voted the Best Electrologist in Waterville, Maine by Market Surveys of America. Website by Classy Writing


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